Why Dansar

What is Dansar?

We are a non-profit dance school specializing in Brazilian zouk. 

What Makes Dansar Different?

Dansar is modeled on the dance schools of Brazil. That means that

  • Our classes have teachers and a monitor
  • We teach more than just zouk, we also teach samba de gafieira, forró, bachata, and tango
  • We have a bolsista team (A team of wonderful collaborators that are in class to also help as partners for new students, models for the teacher, etc.)

We want our students to learn these dances around the context of the culture that created them. That's why Jaime Arôxa a.k.a. the godfather of social dance in Brazil (think: one of the first dancers to prototype what we now called zouk) and his partner are the main teachers of Dansar.

We want to provide personal experience inside a group class. Our goal is to grow the zouk community by teaching great dancers to be.

What is Zouk?

Zouk is a rhythm that was created in the late 90s in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It comes from Lambada, a dance known for its strong march, high energy and lots of hips.

Zouk mixes that strong march and hips with more flowy head and body movements. That's what makes it danceable in several music rhythms.

Zouk-friendly songs you might know.